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Small Business Reorganization Act Enacted

As discussed in a previous post, on Friday, the Small Business Reorganization Act was signed into law and will take effect in 180 days. The new law, which FactorLaw will further summarize in future blog posts, adds a new subchapter to the Bankr… Read More
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Podcast - Panel for Consumer Commission discusses recommendations on BAPCPA's Credit Counseling requirement

Members of ABI’s Commission on Consumer Bankruptcy discuss the recommendations in the Final Report focused on the Code’s credit counseling and financial management course requirements, and asks the question: do the new provisions mak… Read More
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Beware of Bankruptcy Petition Preparers

Every now and then, a debtor will appear in bankruptcy court on a case that is set to be dismissed. The nervous debtor will stand at the podium, and the judge will ask the debtor why he or she has not filed certain required papers within the tim… Read More
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The Absolute Priority rule is alive and well for Chapter 11 cases

I. Explanation of absolute priority rule Consumer debtors that do not qualify for protection under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, are left with filing under Chapter 11, where they will come face-to-face with the absolute priority… Read More
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